We believe everyone deserves a purposeful career. The Roos&Shine podcast is the place to be inspired to invest in yourself, your wellbeing & personal growth.




The Roos&Shine Podcast

A podcast for anyone looking for inspiration in their career, wellbeing or personal growth journey. 

In a fun, insightful and sisterly manner we navigate career and leadership, wellbeing and health sharing the latest research and personal experiences.

Recording from Atlanta and Mallorca, we share experiences from our global lives and careers in New York, Colombia, Dubai, Myanmar, Stockholm and more. 


About us

We are two Swedish sisters, Josefine Roos and Victoria Roos Olsson, with global careers, working in the complimentary fields of leadership development and peacebuilding. As natural connectors, we love to bring people together, both in our careers and when working on our passion project Roos&Shine. We believe in the interconnectedness of career, health and wellbeing and as certified yoga teachers aim to bring in a holistic approach in all we do.

About Us