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The Roos&Shine Podcast

Join your favourite Swedish sisters for a pep talk. We want each episode to leave you with the feeling of having had coffee with that friend of yours who effortlessly combines coaching and friendship. Leave inspired to seize the day.

Recording from Stockholm and New York, we share experiences from our global lives and careers in Dubai, Yangon, Paris, Bogota and more. We explore topics such as career and courage; finding your perfect work/life blend, sisterhood; how to boost your network; gratefulness, health, travel and global living. Some episodes will include interviews with inspirational people.

The podcast combines storytelling with concrete tips, and often ends with a downloadable pep sheet for all fellow list lovers. Designed to fit into your everyday life, each episode is short and sweet

Corporate clubs

Roos&Shine is about community. As natural connectors, the idea of Roos&Shine has sprung from our desire to connect the amazing, inspiring and talented women surrounding us, and provide a space for women to connect, learn and grow. Your organisation can become a corporate Roos&Shine club, gaining access to monthly facilitation notes, podcast episodes and fascinating topics that will serve to inspire the individuals in your network. 

As as individual you can also join our online community to be inspired and take part in our monthly challenges, connect with other women, and receive our newsletter.

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We feel strongly about the power of movement and we know that a dose of daily inspiration can make all the difference. As certified yoga instructors and running coaches with a lot of passion for wellness we have prepared a free 10 week challenge for you. The challenge has three core them themes; pulse, yoga and mindfulness, to optimize health and wellbeing.

This is how it works:
From the 3rd of June for 10 weeks we will post a daily challenge on our instagram
Each week they will include 3 pulse raising activities, 3 yoga sequences and onemindfulness practice, to achieve a balanced routine and sustained habits.
You ‘report’ your activity on a pepsheet and to an accountability partner of your choice, and if you wish post your achievements to instagram using #roosandshinewellnesschallenge

To get started: Listen to our latest podcast episode, visit our website and follow us on instagram!.

Starts 3 june

About us

We are two Swedish sisters, Josefine Roos and Victoria Roos Olsson, with global careers, working in the complimentary fields of leadership development and peacebuilding. As natural connectors, we love to bring people together, both in our careers and when working on our passion project Roos&Shine. We believe in the interconnectedness of career, health and wellbeing and as certified yoga teachers aim to bring in a holistic approach in all we do.

About Us