Do you want to slow down your aging? Focus better? Have a higher and more balanced energy throughout the day? Get free “happy pills” and be more creative?

We feel strongly about the power of movement and we know that a dose of daily inspiration can make all the difference. As certified yoga instructors and running coaches with a lot of passion for wellness we have prepared a free 10 week challenge for you. The challenge has three core them themes; pulse, yoga and mindfulness, to optimize health and wellbeing.

This is how it works:
From the 3rd of June for 10 weeks we will post a daily challenge on our instagram
Each week they will include 3 pulse raising activities, 3 yoga sequences and one mindfulness practice, to achieve a balanced routine and sustained habits.
You ‘report’ your activity on a pepsheet and to an accountability partner of your choice, and if you wish post your achievements to instagram using #roosandshinewellnesschallenge

Day 1/Week 1: Sun Salutations

Whoop whoop challenge Nr 1, day 1 / week 1: 10 x sun salutations. The basic of yoga, covers the entire body, gives you both strength and flexibility. 10 sun salutations each morning is the perfect start to a healthy routine. Do follow the breathing cues as they matters just as much as the physical cues. Take your yoga mat (or any mat) and enjoy 10 minutes of focus!#roosandshinewellnesschallenge #roosandshine #yoga #10weekschallenge

Posted by Roos&Shine on Sunday, June 2, 2019

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