2021 New Year Special: Create your vision board

Did you know that visualising an action is almost as an effective tool to achieve a desired result as actually ‘doing’ it? A Chicago University study found that basketball players visualising vs practicing free throws recorded almost identical improvement compared to those that did neither. The reason it appears, is that the brain has a hard time differentiating between what we imagine/visualize doing, to what we actually do. In this New Year Special (our favourite episode of the year) we indulge in the creative spirit of the season as we approach our goals, dreams and desires for the year to come. And while exploring goals and dreams is something we do each year, this year we embrace visualization and the powerful (proven) tool it is to help you realize your dreams. We get practical, explore past years failures, and invite you to reflect, define, prepare, create and manifest your vision, and if you like, your 2021 vision board.

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