#22: When all else fails; laugh?!

Oh boy. What a week! A week when you don’t know whether to laugh or cry (well – if in private you cry – but if in company of sister you might just as well find yourself laughing until you cry about it). As you might have figured already, all is not perfect, and with a three year-old tyrant at home and with a book that won’t write itself – we share this week’s lows (what takes the price is probably Josefine and Steve miauing as cats in the middle of the night – listen to find out why) and Victoria podcasting in secret trying to avoid getting caught by her family so that they will continue to give her sympathy. And then we add a bit of theory (of course) this time straight from Harry Potter. So if you had a hard week and need a pep talk this episode is for you. And if you had an awesome week sure go ahead and listen and feel even better of how you have it all so well put together!

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