We are two Swedish sisters with global careers, working in the complimentary fields of leadership development and peacebuilding. We are on the board of the family-owned business Welcome Hotel in Stockholm, and we are Yoga Teachers. As natural connectors, we love to bring people together, both in our careers and when working on our passion project Roos&Shine.

With all the momentum around female empowerment, we want to be a positive force, making our contribution to a movement based on equality and inspired female leadership.

Victoria is a senior leadership consultant, keynote speaker and author, working with FranklinCovey, currently based in Atlanta in the USA. She is an expert in leadership development and has trained, developed and coached leaders across the world for the past 20 years. She has also lead Learning & Development organisations for large corporations across Europe and the Middle East. In fact, learning is one of her key interests and she loves to learn new things, as well as passing on knowledge to see others grow. She is the co-author of the book “Everyone Deserves a Great Manager” together with two of her American colleagues from FranklinCovey. The book made the Wall Street Journal best-seller list. Learn more here: www.edagm.com .

Victoria believes in a holistic leadership, taking all aspects of body, mind and brain into consideration to achieve your full potential. Passionate about movement, she is a certified yoga teacher (vinyasa) and a running coach. She loves to combine traditional leadership workshops with the art of yoga and movement.

When Victoria is not working on our passion project “Roos&Shine” she travels around the world to deliver leadership workshops and keynotes. She is an experienced facilitator and keynote speaker, at events such as the World Business Forum, and engages her audience, no matter if 20 or 2000 people are in the room. Victoria also blogs for Thrive Global https://thriveglobal.com/stories/the-thrive-questionnaire-with-victoria-roos-olsson-stress-tip-slow-down/ and often share articles on leadership development at her LinkedIn profile https://www.linkedin.com/in/victoria-roos-olsson-2497612/

Apart from various certifications within learning, leadership and HR, Victoria has a bachelor degree in Hotel Management (BA.HM) from Hotelschool The Hague in the Netherlands.

CEO / Founder

About Josefine

CEO / Founder

Josefine is a peacebuilding expert, working at the United Nations Verification Mission in Colombia. She is a certified mediator that is passionate about working with people to solve conflicts. Having lived and worked across the world (including Myanmar, Colombia, South Sudan and New York) Josefine has become an experienced facilitator that loves to engage participants across cultures. Her interest and expertise lies in a holistic approach to peace and conflict, as she engages with individuals and organisations to understand conflicts adapt to local challenges.

As a certified vinyasa yoga teacher, a superfood enthusiast, health nerd and dynamical systems theorist inspired by healthy living, exercise and mindfulness, she wants to contribute to her field by enabling a more holistic approach to peacebuilding. This includes focusing on the individual to allow them to reach their full potential. Currently she teaches yoga to her UN colleagues.

Josefine has a Masters of International Affairs from Columbia University (SIPA) in New York, and an MA (Hons) from the University of St Andrews in Scotland.