S3 #8: In transition – astrology readings, new adventures and letting go

We are back! Josefine is recording from her new home country, the magical island she got married in 7 years is go. Victoria is back in Atlanta, after a brief visit to Stockholm as she finally obtained her green card! We have had our first ever astrology reading and have more and new insights and […]

S3 E3: How to design your day for productivity & balance; small tweaks and big changes

Setting your self up for a productive work day is not a motivational challenge, its a design challenge. In this episode we share our most useful tips combined with the latest research on brain science, to help you design a productive day, after day, after day. From morning rituals, to shorter meetings, focused work time […]

S3 E2: #choose to challenge, why we won’t shut up and why we are moving on from #girlboss

A year of covid, celebrating life after managed isolation and quarantine, AND choosing to challenge. International women’s day is here and we take the opportunity to highlight some of the more notable insights around women in the past year. Learning that women speak less than men in meetings (really?! ;)) and arguing for how to […]

S3 Episode 1: The New Normal, a golden ticket and quarantine life

In this episode Josefine has grabbed ‘a golden ticket’ to New Zealand, podcasting from her and her little family’s 14 day managed isolation in a hotel room. Meanwhile, Victoria, has unintentionally joined the forced quarantine as covid has broken out in her household. Josefine is greeted by the navy, photoed by the locals and tested […]

2021 New Year Special: Create your vision board

Did you know that visualising an action is almost as an effective tool to achieve a desired result as actually ‘doing’ it? A Chicago University study found that basketball players visualising vs practicing free throws recorded almost identical improvement compared to those that did neither. The reason it appears, is that the brain has a […]

S2 #5 Momentum, joy and indulging in your career change, with global leadership coach Vanessa Defournier

Join us for this special episode with Global Career and Leadership Coach Vanessa Defournier. Vanessa has herself gone from employee to entrepreneur and has helped leaders from across the world transform their careers. In this interview Vanessa shares practical insights on how to keep momentum going when in ‘neutral waters’, finding joy in your current […]