S3 #10: A gratefulness check in

Should we be cultivating gratefulness, and if so, how? We discuss our gratefulness habits, what we are not grateful for, and propose that November is the perfect timing to check in on your overall gratefulness. We agree and disagree, talk about the perfect wellness retreats, and holding on versus finding equanimity. Many laughs and some […]

Moving through your day: how to use movement to optimize your learning, memory and creativity

Moving makes us feel good. We know our bodies are made for moving. And we might even have an understanding that movement helps us become smarter. Yet for most of us, our days are not designed to naturally include movement, and therefore is not setting us our brain up for ideal learning. In this episode […]

S3 #8: In transition – astrology readings, new adventures and letting go

We are back! Josefine is recording from her new home country, the magical island she got married in 7 years is go. Victoria is back in Atlanta, after a brief visit to Stockholm as she finally obtained her green card! We have had our first ever astrology reading and have more and new insights and […]

S3 E3: How to design your day for productivity & balance; small tweaks and big changes

Setting your self up for a productive work day is not a motivational challenge, its a design challenge. In this episode we share our most useful tips combined with the latest research on brain science, to help you design a productive day, after day, after day. From morning rituals, to shorter meetings, focused work time […]