Launching Roos&Shine

We are excited to announce the launch of Roos&Shine, a future global community of women brought together by a shared vision of empowerment and sisterhood.

Inspired by our own international network of fantastic women and spurred by the momentum around female leadership, we felt compelled to create a space where professional women can inspire and be inspired, where we can share, learn and develop meaningful relationships and lasting, positive change.

Slightly different from a traditional network, we believe the power, knowledge and experience exists within our extended network, rather than relying on inspirational speakers or external influencers. You can play a passive role by just being part of it all and be inspired. You can take an active role by joining our community challenges and sharing your enthusiasm and enjoyment with others in your own networks. If you feel excited to be part of the positive force, if you feel that you have much to contribute and even more to learn then you can also apply to join and/or start your own Roos&Shine Club in your hometown!

The first two clubs are already setting up in Stockholm and in New York. The Clubs are smaller and more intimate, with 10-16 members, and meet “IRL”. They can have different themes, focusing more on business corporate, entrepreneurial start-ups, health movement, or a scramble of all, depending on the wishes of the members. They still have the advantage of belonging to the larger community as well as the network of clubs, and will get the Roos&Shine material for forums, topics and discussions within the club.

Complimentary to the network, we have created a podcast with weekly episodes where we discuss a range of topics, such as career and courage, work-life blend, goal setting, sisterhood, health targets, etc, in an informal tone with lots of examples from our own lives and those around us. Most episodes will be accompanied by a “pep sheet” with space for reflections and individual goal settings, for small tweaks or big changes in your life.

Whether you join us online or become an active member of a Club, come be a part of this new movement and let’s see where this journey takes us! We hope to see you in the Roos&Shine community! Browse around our brand new webpage, and stay tuned for our podcast launch in the next few days!!

Josefine & Victoria

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