S3 E2: #choose to challenge, why we won’t shut up and why we are moving on from #girlboss

A year of covid, celebrating life after managed isolation and quarantine, AND choosing to challenge. International women’s day is here and we take the opportunity to highlight some of the more notable insights around women in the past year. Learning that women speak less than men in meetings (really?! ;)) and arguing for how to rethink ideas such as ‘executive presence’ and #girlboss. Moving to the practical, sharing examples of female leadership that is advancing how we lead, and what to do when you encounter an all male panel.. Enjoy!


S3 Episode 1: The New Normal, a golden ticket and quarantine life

In this episode Josefine has grabbed ‘a golden ticket’ to New Zealand, podcasting from her and her little family’s 14 day managed isolation in a hotel room. Meanwhile, Victoria, has unintentionally joined the forced quarantine as covid has broken out in her household. Josefine is greeted by the navy, photoed by the locals and tested twice a week, while Victoria’s situation is developing in real time.. The New Normal is here. But what is here to stay? And what will be the things that in a few years from now we’ll refer to as “the things we did during the Covid-years”? What are the things you miss the most from “before Covid”? We also debate the new normal of career, innovation, fashion, living, leadership and travel! Enjoy!


S2 #6 Design your wellness habits & how to have a healthy career

In this episode we dig into our fourth cornerstone of a successful career, health and wellness. We explore how we set ourselves up for a healthy career and life. We inspire you to set your wellness goals, and create the habits that make all the difference for 2021. Dig into goals related to your mind, nourishment and movement, and tackle your health not as a motivational challenge, but a design challenge! Enjoy!


2021 New Year Special: Create your vision board

Did you know that visualising an action is almost as an effective tool to achieve a desired result as actually ‘doing’ it? A Chicago University study found that basketball players visualising vs practicing free throws recorded almost identical improvement compared to those that did neither. The reason it appears, is that the brain has a hard time differentiating between what we imagine/visualize doing, to what we actually do. In this New Year Special (our favourite episode of the year) we indulge in the creative spirit of the season as we approach our goals, dreams and desires for the year to come. And while exploring goals and dreams is something we do each year, this year we embrace visualization and the powerful (proven) tool it is to help you realize your dreams. We get practical, explore past years failures, and invite you to reflect, define, prepare, create and manifest your vision, and if you like, your 2021 vision board.

S2 #5 Momentum, joy and indulging in your career change, with global leadership coach Vanessa Defournier

Join us for this special episode with Global Career and Leadership Coach Vanessa Defournier. Vanessa has herself gone from employee to entrepreneur and has helped leaders from across the world transform their careers. In this interview Vanessa shares practical insights on how to keep momentum going when in ‘neutral waters’, finding joy in your current position, and indulging in the possibilities of a career change. Drawing from ancient Japanese wisdom to help you create a road map for your own career change and navigating your own transition. Links and reading list recommendations below.

Being Strategic Framework: Being Strategic Book by Erika Andersen

Book Ikigai: The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life, by Héctor García and Francesc Miralles. And those articles here

Japanese ‘Ikigai’ Philosophy Could Be the Secret Formula to a Long and Happy Life


Defining your purpose in life: Finding Your True North, by Bill George

Mind Mapping:
https://thinkinsights.net/strategy/mindmap/ https://hbr.org/2015/03/the-tools-you-need-to-make-every-meeting-more-productive
Managing Transitions: William Bridges



S2 #4 A wealthy career: taking control, being creative & charging more for your time

What kind of consideration should you give wealth when redesigning your career? The latest research suggest there is a wealth sweet spot, and particular spending habits to maximize happiness. It is also true that new generations of women are getting wealthier, and this is changing the way women are taking control over wealth. Also on this episode, an inspirational interview with London based financial coach Krystle McGilvery who gives practical tips for anyone who might struggle financially right now, or who is ready to move on the next step in terms of their financial wellbeing. What better episode to listen to now, to take control BEFORE the poorest month of the year.. Enjoy!

Find Krystle here: https://www.krystlemcgilvery.com/


S2 #3 Connect meaningfully in a virtual world (career re-design edition)

In this episode we share 5 essential insights to help you connect meaningfully in a virtual world. We also explore connection, why it is so important, and share a brilliant technique to foster immediate connection with yourself. We dig deeper into curiosity and Victoria shares her story of showing up authentically on social media. All with a focus on connection in the context of career re-design. We leave you listeners with a few practical challenges that will boost meaningful connection over the next month! Enjoy!


Season 2 #2: (Re)-designing your career: Develop your Purpose

An episode with insights on how you practically work towards your purpose. When did you last check in on your purpose? The further you have gone in your career without reflecting on your purpose, the more miss-aligned it might be to your values. But maybe you don’t know what your purpose is? Rest assure that you are not alone. Sharing from our own career experiences we provide 3 practical exercises that will give you insights from your past, present and future, leaving you with actions that you can start implement tomorrow. Update your values, define how you can uniquely contribute and brainstorm creative new ideas. A must listen if you want to check in on your purpose!


Season 2 #1: How to redesign you career: Start here

A fresh series of podcast episodes fully dedicated to your career (re)design journey. Is it possible to redesign your career in 4 months? And how would you do it? As a result of the pandemic Josefine is on the move from Colombia to the UK, and in this season Victoria and Josefine will coach her (and you listeners) to (re)design her career. We share the 4 cornerstones of a successful career, and then get practical, providing you with an assessment to apply to your own career evaluation. Do you need a complete change or just a minor tweak? Download your pepsheet on roosandshine.com/pepsheets.

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#58: Take a Break: 8 (surprising) breaks you should consider taking

With 2020 being a very different year, many of us are taking unexpected breaks, from work, school, routines, your classic vacation and so on. In this episode we list the breaks (some more surprising than others) that we have been taking and that you really should consider incorporating in your life, the sooner the better! Enjoy!