#37: The help you need to dream big; and why you should create your own dream list

Dream big, because dreams are for free! Yet many of us tend to limit or dreams to what we deem realistic. Or we create goals that are all about achieving. In this episode we are sharing with you inspiration to make your own dream list, which might be just a list, but why not go all in and make a creative drawing or dream wall? On our own dream list we add exotic travel, best selling books and reveal the future big dream for Roos&Shine! We think you will enjoy it!


#36: Meditation tips and tricks!

How can you be more mindful in your every day life? And how do you actually mediate? And why should you? In this podcast we share our best tips for how to get a meditation practice started, and discuss how it can actually help focus and productivity. We recommend some favourite authors and apps that will turn you into a mediation guru in no time!


#35: Ten Week Wellness Challenge

This is the episode for you that want to join our 10 week wellness challenge! Why should you join? Well, do you want to slow down your aging? Focus better? Have a higher and more balanced energy throughout the day? Get free “happy pills” and be more creative? After 10 weeks you will already feel (and see!) the effects in your life. As certified yoga instructors and running coaches with a lot of passion for wellness we have prepared a 10 weeks challenge. This is the ultimate boost to kick off the summer season in the healthiest possible way be it on your own, together with friends or colleagues at work. Listen to the episode to get all the details on how to join the challenge!

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#34: Learn to enjoy change and embrace uncertainty

Are you the type that loves change, or one that is rather unhappy than uncertain? Probably most of us inhibit a little of both. Change can be as exhilarating as it is hard. In this episode we discuss change, provide tools for dealing with change – and take some solace in the Buddhist saying “It is what it is and it will be what it will be”..


#33: Keep calm & Enjoy your life: time manage your private life?

Should you really “time manage” your private life?! If so – what do you schedule? And how? A follow up to our time management part I, this episode has everything on how to get the most out of your life outside of work. Enjoy!

#32: Keep Calm & Enjoy Work; how to manage your time

Baby Luca is finally here, Victoria has just been in the US, and we dig deep into how to best manage your time. Time management is one of Victoria’s areas of expertise, and in this episode she provides some of her best and tested coaching tips for how to manage your time. We discuss how you do time management in your work life (in the next episode we will discuss private life time management), including choosing to do (and not do) certain things, revisiting your goals and distinguishing between urgent and important. An episode for everyone looking for a productive spring.


#31: Easter Special; your perfect weekend

Sit back and enjoy this easter with a relaxing holiday special episode. When will Josefine pop, did Victoria make it back to her own birthday party, and how do you create your perfect weekend? Enjoy, relax and rejuvenate. Happy Easter!


#30: Stand up for your parental leave! Inspiration from across the world

In this episode Josefine is joined by two of her best friends, Doctor Viveca Gyberg based in Sweden and Financial Broker Edona Collins based in the UK. The three of them, all pregnant, sit down for a candid conversation around parental leave in different countries, how they in some cases have had to fight for their rights (and won), how parental leave is really about the norms and values that we want for our society, and not accepting the status quo. A frank conversation meant to inspire others out there who might need some pep for how to deal with their own parental leave, and possibly change the norms that we don’t find acceptable along the way.


#29: Spring Clean and Spring Pep (Part 2)

The spring inspiration continues! We work down on our ultimate spring list, and you can almost hear the birds chirping as we talk spring cleaning of body and soul, your relationships and how to introduce more joy! Enjoy!


#28: Spring Clean and Spring Pep (Part 1)

The best time of the year is here – finally the first signs of spring are showing here in the north! In this episode (and the next – there was just so much to cover!) we spring clean our lives and provide you with our ultimate list for spring cleaning your body, mind, soul, as well as your wardrobe and your office! An episode loaded with pep, joy and inspiration!