#57: Get Grounded & Embrace Lagom

Exhausted as a knocked out squirrel or all over the place as an anxious butterfly? We have felt it all and bet many of you are pretty exhausted after an intense spring too. This episode is about letting go of our demands, embrace “lagom’ (the Swedish expression that means just good enough) and take the steps to get grounded (not in the corona way but in the connected to earth chilling out kind of way). We reflect on what we thought this summer would look like, change of plans, scrapping some of the summer goals and have it lagom. A perfect episode to ease into summer. Enjoy!


#56: Building Resilience, Hard Decisions and Evacuations

If resilience is a muscle we can build, how do we strengthen it during crisis? Tune in to find out, as well as learn more about this week’s evacuations and hard decisions, as we report from our current single mother experiences in Atlanta and now Sweden. As always, leave inspired with practical strategies and your own self care list.


#55: Lay the foundations for the future you (and be resilient now)

Connecting from Colombia and the US we look at how we (and you!) can lay the foundations for a resilient, and purpose driven future in this new world. We discuss what our future might look like, will we remove the clutter and embrace the introvert? And practically, based on the latest research, we provide ideas how you can build your resilience and deal with uncertainty. We believe this could be the time for many of us to bring meaning and purpose into the now – and the future. And finally, women leaders seem to be doing exceptionally well dealing with this health crisis. We discuss what they are doing right, and why these skills will be crucial leadership skills when we go back to work and to a new normal. Tune in to be inspired!


#54: Conflict zone lessons, staying inspired in corona quarantine & the Swedish Experiment

In this episode we are “reporting” from Atlanta and Bogota and our respective lock down situations. Is Victoria really distancing herself enough and what about the Swedish experiment? We share our tips for keeping sane, happy and even inspired in this challenging time. Drawing from Josefine’s experience working in conflict we share our list on how to stay productive (with a big caveat) during a crisis situation – and how to keep sane over the long run. Your best self-care strategies are also included, and in the end there is a touch of magic. And loads of laughter. Don’t miss it.


#53: A pep-talk during Corona times & setting yourself up for success working from home

Take a break from the turbulent times and join us for a 30 minutes pep talk. We’ve created a list of 9 (!) positive things with the corona outbreak, when looking from the bright side. So this is not the episode to go for more facts, but rather a boost and some inspiration on how to make the best out of the situation we are in. As the experts we are working from home we also share our best practices on how to set yourself up for success working from home be it while having toddlers or teenagers in the house. Tune in and share with a friend who can do with a little boost in these times a well!


52: The key to future success is to be present in the now

What are one of the most important competencies of the future of leadership? We dig into this topic to some depth, and, spoiler alert, find that it might very well rest in our ability to manage our energy and to be present in the now. We explore what some of the challenges that hinders us as leaders, teams and individuals to be present are, and based on the latest leadership and mindfulness research – provide practical tools that you could implement today (and in the future) to master the key future leadership competency – to be present in the now.


#51: How to keep sane while travelling!

If there is a topic where we really feel we can share some expertise it is in relation to travelling. We know how to keep sane when travelling across the world for business, how to keep safe in some of the more extreme or challenging places in the world (think earthquakes, kidnappings and toddlers), and keeping sexy (?!) haha while doing it! You cant miss this episode if you want to know how to apply the 6 key steps to keep sane when travelling, or Victoria’s more, hm, exploratory ways of connecting with fellow travelers, dealing with jet lag, Josefine’s essential life hacks for travelling with kids across the world (you need to buy these gadgets) PLUS what to do in a hostage situation and what you should bring in your grab bag. As you can hear, this episode has everything!


#50: How to make your new habits stick: the proven research

Did you know that it’s a myth that it only takes 21 days to form a new habit? For most of us it takes much longer than so. In this podcast episode we share research and insights on what it takes to keep up with the habits you need to in order to achieve your goals. And keep all those great intentions you set for yourself in the new year! What are the habits you want to create (or perhaps break?) in 2020?


#49: New Year’s Evolution with Bee Bosnak

In this 2020 special we have a beautiful conversation with yoga and meditation teacher and spiritual leader Bee Bosnak as we set the vision for the year to come. Bee shares her rituals that she always bring with her into the new year, we talk about change, letting go and healing. She guides us through her vision board and how to create your own mantra. Bee who also is a Tarot card reader draws a card for all of us for 2020 and shares with us its meaning and her interpretation of what 2020 has in hold for us. Tune in for this new years special and download our pepsheet to be inspired to write down your own vision for the first year of the new decade.

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#48: The 5 Energy Drivers; and how to get more!

One of the most sought after assets, that we all want more of, and that most of us need to learn how to manage; is our energy. In this episode we dig into the proven 5 key drivers of energy, and list our best ideas on how to fill our energy reserves. Listen in if you are interested in how to wash your brain, fill your toddler’s (or your partners) emotional bucket and create more connection with friends, family or colleagues.