#11: Negotiations: Family, Work & Peace Deals

This time around we cover negotiations, from everyday negotiations with our own toddlers, teenagers and partners, to lessons from the peace negotiations between the Colombian government and FARC. Josefine shares some of her lessons acquired from being a certified mediator -and we leave you all with some of our best tips. Enjoy!

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#10: Are you investing in yourself? Our best tips!

Yes, you need to invest in yourself! Like a car that needs fuel, you need to invest in yourself in order to keep running. In this episode we briefly touch upon the reasons for why you should invest in yourself (in the case you need some motivation), and then share our practices for how we invest in ourselves, breaking it down into short, medium and long term. Leave inspired to take on November’s challenge, which is about finding 3 ways to invest in yourself!

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#9: Our best tips when working across cultures, cultural shocks and leading multicultural teams

Did you ever experience a culture shock? Having lived and worked in over 20 different countries between the two of us, we do have our fair share of cultural experiences, including shocks. Here we explore everything from (crazy) food memories to how it is to lead a team with a completely different culture than you. And, are reverse cultural shocks the worst? You don’t need to move from country to experience a culture shock, you can go through the same phases just by changing company or even by changing family settings. Are there any benefits from being exposed to all those different cultures? Join us to explore if there is time for some more culture shock in your life!

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#8: When is it time to change career?

In this episode we are joined by our good friend and brave career changer, Pom Zwart. Pom shares how an education in hospitality led to work in the tv and film industry, followed by 5 years of working for a charity organisation called Dance for Life, to her most recent post as the Event Director at Nike Europe. We discuss when and how you know that you should move on, and when you should stay. Download the pep sheet to reflect on whether there are still opportunities for you to grow within your current career – or if it is time for you to change!

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#7: Fake it ’til you make it!

Should we fake it ‘til we make it? And are men better at it? Too often we find that we hesitate to spring into action. Instead, we wait until everything feels just right or until we think we’re 100% ready or competent. But research shows that changing your behavior first can change the way you think and feel. Confidence could come before competence… Join us for a pep-talk and -if you wish- continue with the pep-sheet on www.roosandshine.com for some individual reflection. Leave ready with new energy to go out there and just make it happen!

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#6: Give a Boost

Join us for our first monthly challenge, give a boost! We believe that the world and the female community would be a better and happier place if we got a little bit better at boosting each other. This month is all about telling other people; your friends, colleagues, boss, and the stranger on the subway, that you appreciate what they do; their effort, their support, their smile and their contribution. The “boosting” can happen in person or online, and we would love if you shared some of your boosting on instagram, using hastag #giveaboost and tagging roosandshine.

Can you give at least 20 different boosts in 30 days? Listen to our episode “Give a Boost” to get more inspiration, and learn how other women across the world are boosting each other.

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#5: Five tips for female entrepreneurs – with guest entrepreneur Ulrika Hedlund

Join us and our first podcast guest -our friend, female entrepreneur and Dubai based business owner Ulrika Hedlund. She never saw herself as an “entrepreneur” but rather the “good girl” with excellent grades and a successful career within Microsoft, when circumstances inspired her to start her own business: Storyals. Join us for a chat on entrepreneurship, women in business, work-life blend and much more. Enjoy five important tips from Ulrika for everyone considering starting up their own business.

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#4: Keep Learning

You don’t need to attend an expensive master degree study to learn new things. As a matter of fact, to keep learning is a brilliant way for the brain to stay young. Inspired by Victoria’s 100 days learning challenge we want to give you some new ideas on how you can challenge yourself to get more learning into your everyday life. A simple way to grow as a person, develop your knowledge base and discover new passions.

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#3: Work Life Blend

What is “work life blend,” how does it differ from work life balance, and how do you achieve the perfect work life blend? In this episode we discuss how we try to achieve our best work life blend, share stories of when and how it has not worked out that well, and provide concrete tips on what you can do to figure out your best work life blend! Leave inspired to take any actions that might be necessary to improve your own blend, and get the most out of your time.

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#2: Getting Ready for Autumn 2018

An episode to get you ready and excited for our favourite season, the fall. Here we discuss (and encourage you to think about) what excites us about the fall, what ambitions we might have, and the key actions to make it happen. After listening, download our pep sheet to get in the right mood, creating your wonderful fall 2018.

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