#47: The Thankfulness Special

Victoria is recording from Atlanta where everything is stopping for the celebration of Thanksgiving. We take the opportunity to dig into this tradition, calling Victoria’s american colleague Susan Hall who tells us all about southern Thanksgiving traditions. For all of us new to the tradition we share ideas how to make it your own, AND – is it true that the emotion of gratefulness cannot be shared/felt at the same time as negative emotions? We also give some brilliant ideas how to include meditation in your life, and Susan share her alphabet method.. We hope you enjoy!


#46: Change your Questions; Change your Life

Can the questions we ask determine the focus of our life? We think so! Victoria shares some of the secrets that have been key for her (successful!) career – and we discuss how you can apply it to your career, in your leadership roles, and in your life overall. Josefine shares the questions that the UN should be asking – we share an empowering mantra for when there are no answers, and we discuss the disempowering questions that we could all ditch! To this episode you can download our pepsheet available from www.roosandshine.com and work through which questions you should start including in your next team meeting, in your morning routine and in your career!

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#45: A brilliant Monday starts already on the Sunday – and 5 more tips for an excellent start to the week

If you are like most of us and suffer one degree of Monday blues, join us for an episode on how to create your best possible start to the week. Josefine has just moved back to Colombia and will have her first Monday back to work this coming week, and Victoria is traveling around America on her book tour. Together they seek some inspiration in order to take control over the first day of the week, and possibly even make it Monday Funday ;). Enjoy!


#44: Everyone Deserves a Great Manager

Victoria’s book is finally here! Catching up from Bali and Atlanta, we discuss Victoria’s book that is published on the 10th of October but already available for pre-order on Amazon. It’s an exciting episode for anyone wanting to brush up on their leadership skills. Josefine is interviewing Victoria about the book, as well as the process of getting there. We share some of the useful ideas detailed in the book, including how to adapt to change, how to motivate your team and how to be a good role model (which includes self-care)! We hope you enjoy!


#43: A Fresh Start

Time for a fresh start?! Victoria has just moved to Atlanta while Josefine is enjoying a 3-week “pre-work back-from-maternity-leave-holiday” in Bali before moving back to Bogota. Both of us starting “fresh” in new countries we share the inspiration you might need to make a fresh start, be it in your career, relationship or health. We share strategies from leadership theories and conflict studies on what to do if you might be stuck. A not to be missed episode!


#42: Sharpen your presentation skills

Do you have any important presentations coming up? Whether your weekly management meeting or a presentation for a group with people you don’t really know, we have created a simple formula that you can use to refine or refresh your presentation skills. For example, ask yourself a few simple questions before you design your session, as that will make all the difference. Get ideas on how to create a great introduction to keep everyone’s attention. Define not only your key message, but what you want the participants to know, do and feel when they leave the room. This and much more in our latest episode!


39: In Search of Happiness

A favourite theme of ours, and most humans with us, how do we achieve happiness? We share key insights from some of the most brilliant minds, including Desmund Tutu and Dalai Lama. We also talk about our own strategies to be more constantly happy, and share a very concrete “Joy” practice. We hope you enjoy


#41: Women in the board room; in conversation with Catharina Roos

This is a very special episode where we interview our greatest role model, our mother, about women in boards. A warm episode with loads of laughter, that deals with an incredible important topic, and where Catharina shares her experience from being part of and chairing a number of boards. From joining her first board in the 70s, to chairing a board in Moscow, she provides insights on board politics (how to become elected), why companies should have a board, as well as concrete tips for people that want to sit on a board. And whether you are on a board, have thought of joining one, or never considered it – maybe you should, because it is a real way of influencing what you believe in and find important. We hope you enjoy!


#40: Your Essential Guide to Stockholm; all you need to know for your visit

Visit our beautiful hometown Stockholm! In this episode we share some of our best insider tips for anyone traveling to Stockholm, and we walk you through the different districts, including our favourite restaurants and most fun runs! Listen if you plan to visit Stockholm, or want to become inspired to go!


#38: New York New York by boat; a travel guide to the big apple

This episode is an essential guide to anyone’s upcoming New York vacation! Josefine who has spent more than 4 years in the city, and Victoria who has visited numerous times, share a less known way of exploring New York which we promise will make all the difference for an incredible experience. We include our local favorites and provide you with all you need for a wonderful weekend. Enjoy!