#2: Getting Ready for Autumn 2018

An episode to get you ready and excited for our favourite season, the fall. Here we discuss (and encourage you to think about) what excites us about the fall, what ambitions we might have, and the key actions to make it happen. After listening, download our pep sheet to get in the right mood, creating your wonderful fall 2018.

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#1: Career & Courage

What is a great career and what does it take to have one? How does courage come into the picture and why does it matter to your career? In this episode we share stories from our own careers and give examples of when we did our best to gather all our courage and the results that generated. Listen to this episode to get inspiration on how to grow your own courage and career, or take this moment to review your own career to date and reflect on your next steps. At the end of the episode you can download the pep sheet for some questions and take a moment to note down your own insights.