Pep sheets

Sometimes we need help on the way to make that change happen or to boost an idea that we have, but haven’t put into action (yet). We want to help you on the way. The pep sheets are just for you, a structured way to self-reflection. We want to turn the inspiration from our podcast episodes into something tangible. So before you start using the pep sheet, make sure to listen to the corresponding podcast episode for input and inspiration.

#46: Change your Questions; Change your Life

#35: 10 Week Wellness Challenge

Join our 10 week wellness challenge!

#27: Find your values and act in accordance

Listen to episode 27 and fill in your pep sheet!

#23: Should you say Yay or Nay?!

Listen to episode 23 and reflect on your own yes and no's.

#18: Find your people & grow your network

Listen to podcast 18 & 19 and reflect on finding your people and growing your (dream) network.

#17: Wellness

A pep sheet for anyone wanting to plan there wellness goals!

#16: 2019 New Year Special

A very special pep sheet, to reflect on your 2018 and to set your goals for 2019. Listen to episo...

#15: Keep Calm & Enjoy the holidays!

Listen to episode 15 for inspiration.

#14: Build your career

Listen to episode #14 for inspiration.

#11: Negotiations

Listen to episode 11 and then reflect on your own negotiations.

#10: Invest in yourself!

Listen to episode #10 and then reflect what you can do immediate, medium and long-term to invest ...

#8: When is it time to change career?

Download pep sheet to reflect on your own career, and when it might be time to change.